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Alberta family rejected by the closing of the adoption agency: ‘We just want to be parents’

Linda Hoang and her partner, Mike Brown, spent six years attempting to have a baby.

“We have unexplained infertility,” Hoang explained. “They don’t know why we can’t have children — and that makes it even harder, because there’s not one thing that you can try to fix.”

The couple from Spruce Grove decided to pursue the adoption after three failed intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures.
Fast a year into the process and a few steps away from being officially on the waiting list, the couple felt hopeful.
Then came the unexpected news — their adoption agency announced that it was finally closing. The thought which could happen never crossed the mind of the pair.
“We were shocked, sad, surprised,” Hoang said.

The board of directors for Adoption by Choice (ABC) revealed the intention to terminate as of July 30 in a letter sent to its consumers Tuesday.
The department has been going for for 30 years.

“We know that this news will come as a shock to many; the staff and Board of Directors will be rolling out our plan of next steps for the clients and stakeholders of ABC.”

When ABC closes, Alberta will have three other private adoption agencies left: Adoption Options, AMARIS Adoption and Family Support Services, and Small Miracles Adoption.
Alberta ‘s minister for children’s services admitted the closure is “heartbreaking for prospective adoptive families.”

“While all adoption agencies are independent private operators, I will be reaching out to them so we can work to transition these families’ files over so they don’t fall through the cracks,” Rebecca Schulz said in a statement.

“We are also conducting an extensive review of all adoption-related legislation and regulations in Alberta to ensure government processes aren’t a barrier to bringing families together.”

In 2018-’19, there were 44 licensed agency adoptions, the province says, and in 2019-’20 there were 72.
Hoang estimates that, until now, she and Brown have invested about $5,000 in the adoption process.
For now, they are going to take a while to think through it before making any decisions. They have set up a call next week with ABC.

“It’s just another obstacle in this very long journey and with each one it kind of wears on us,” she said.

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